Say hello to the new kits. Order is going in tomorrow (2nd) at noon so make sure yours is good to go! Design courtesy of Curtis Brand Designjersey

Put in your Jersey Order!

Our 2013/2014 order form is up and running. If you are an Alumni or supporter of the team and want to support to UCSC cycling by buying one of our sick jerseys fill out the order form bellow:

These jerseys will be a very similar design to the jerseys that are currently being used by our team. Pictures of the design can be found here:

if you have any questions, email

UCSB Cowpie Classic

Great job in Santa Barbara slugs! We killed it with podiums from Emily, Christine, Libby, Nick, Will, Auric, Sam, and Evan, and maybe some other people I’m forgetting. Still waiting on results, but I think we may have actually won this one! We spiced up our racing with some heckling, some booty shorts, and some tarantula wrangling. Thanks Scout for giving us a warm house to crash in!

Parkfield 2013

Slug cycling survived the 24th annual Parkfield classic! On Saturday, Christine and Emily took 2nd and 3rd in Women’s A XC, followed by Nick’s second in Men’s A XC. Saturday night, in accordance with Parkfield tradition, was a civilized gathering of dedicated athletes. No pixie bikes were jumped over velociraptors. No one tried to fight some dude from Chico. We all drank plenty of water. All in all, nothing but class. On sunday morning, slug cycling and all our fellow racers woke up refreshed and ready to race, as per usual. Will and Emily took home pint glasses from the short track, we all enjoyed some DH racing and heckling, and we rounded off the trip with some well-earned burritos. Now it’s time to get stoked for Santa Barbara this weekend!