Press Release: Slug Cycling Gran Fondo Date Announcement

First Ever Slug Cycling Gran Fondo Date Announced
Santa Cruz, California – March 17, 2015 – A new cycling event is coming to the Santa Cruz Mountains this spring. Hosted by the UC Santa Cruz Cycling Team, the Slug Cycling Gran Fondo will be held on Sunday, May 31st, 2015.
The ride will feature three routes of varying length for riders of all ability levels. The routes will be 18, 57 and 85 miles long. Featured climbs include Hazel Dell, Eureaka Canyon, Laurel Glen, Granite Creek, Mountain Charlie and the spectacular descent of Soquel San Jose Road.
The event will begin at Pinto Lake County Park in Watsonville. Included with registration will be full SAG vehicle support (provided by UCSC Recreation Office), CHP motorcycle escort, 4 rest areas providing food, hydration and restroom facilities and an EMT on duty.
The UC Santa Cruz Cycling team will be participating in the ride, along with featured local guest riders. An announcement will be released at a future date listing the featured riders.
“It will be a great opportunity to meet some of the local stars and ride with them on your favorite routes,” says team president Mark Tingwald, “and in doing so, you will be directly supporting the efforts of the UCSC Cycling Team.”
More details to come. Online event registration will be opening soon on
Reggie Trimingham
OPERS – Office of Club Sports
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz,


Member Features – Week 2, Malcolm Flint

Say hello to the second entry in our new Member Features series! Here at UCSC Cycling we have a huge team of outstanding athletes, students, and people, and here’s your chance to get to know them!

This week’s entry goes to a first year team member, who’s already taken the mountain season by storm in his category, Malcolm Flint!!!

Hometown: Cupertino

Grade Level: Freshman

Field of Study: Electrical Engineering

What is your favorite class at the moment and why?

I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about sound waves, interference, and resonance in Physics right now. I am mildly obsessed with sound and music, so learning about the fundamentals is a dream come true.

What do you love most about UCSC and the Santa Cruz area?

I love the view of the ocean and the incredible trail networks we have in Upper Campus, Wilder, Pogonip, and Henry Cowell Redwoods. Also, the trips down to the beach and watching the surfers at steamer lane has a stoke level of 1000!

Favorite type of riding?

Mountain Biking all the way! I love to shred sick trails. Cross and Road are cool too, but not as cool.

What do you hope to get out of racing for UCSC Cycling?

Well, I raced mountain season and it was awesome! I ended up second in the overall omnium B’s division. Hell yea! I was pretty stoked on that. For road season. I don’t really plan on training specifically for it, so I’m just going to go out and race for kicks, see how I do. Should be a good time.

What is on your playlist right now?

Green Day’s “Dookie”, and Alt-j’s “An Awesome Wave”

Funniest moment you’ve had with the team:

Sidewalk Surfing at the BKE Study session. Basically we were all at BKE studying for finals and it was dumping rain outside (like monsoon level downpour) and someone, probably either Reggie or Mark or maybe Sam, had a sudden flash of brilliance. We grabbed the broken surfboard from the garage and surfed down the gutters. Needless to say there was much laughing, screaming, and falling that ensued.

Is there anything else you want the world to know?

Let’s see, apart from riding bikes, I love to play guitar and just started playing bass in a band and it’s pretty swell. I also just took the surf class through OPERS and I’m hooked. I need to own a surfboard now.

New! UCSC Cycling Outstanding Member Features – Week 1, Eddie Santos

Here at UCSC Cycling, we have an awesome group of young, talented riders who balance academics and athletics on the daily. As a new feature on, we will be providing weekly features of outstanding members of our team and sharing their story with you!

Our inaugural feature goes to Eddie Santos, a 3 year Slug Cycling veteran and Team Treasurer/ Road Captain. Eddie has always contributed a large amount of behind the scenes work that helps the team run smoothly. So here’s the scoop on this radical guy:

Nickname: Eddie $Money$

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Grade Level: Graduate

Field of Study: Theoretical Physics

What is your favorite class at the moment and why?

Done with that phase… but I’ve taken all sorts of goodies in my day. General Relativity or Genetics are probably two of my favorites. Been honing my programming skills lately to prepare for the job market!

Favorite type of riding and best rides around Santa Cruz?     Roadie through and through. Group ride: Giro ride  Roads: Mt. Charlie, Alba, Felton-Empire, Bonny Doon, and Swanton.

What are your racing goals this year?

It’s going to be a slow start to the season, recovering from a knee injury stemming from my last race of the season last year, the Everest Challenge. It’s taken a while, but I think it’s finally under control. I’m hoping to come back for the WCCC Championships held by UC Berkeley, who always have a tough/great course. After that, I hope to be in peak shape for some of this Summer’s classics, including Mt. Hamilton, Pescadero, and Patterson Pass.

What’s on your playlist today?   Star-spangled banner, on repeat.

Favorite Food?  Mom’s Enchiladas.

Anything unique that you want to share with us?

Hold the fastest team times up the Swanton Rd climb and Bonny Doon Rd at 4:53 and 13:54, respectively… waiting for someone to beat them! (Editors note: Challenge accepted)


Slug Cycling Updates – Road Season Approaching Quickly!

Hello Again Beloved Slug Cycling Supporters!

After an epic 2014 mountain bike season campaign, we are back in 2015 hungry for action in the road season. A few updates:

1. The WCCC Road season opener will be hosted by Stanford, in Seaside, CA. The courses they will be running are similar to some of the Sea Otter and CCCX road races. If you are interested in racing or supporting your favorite collegiate team (US!) at these local races, here are some links to the flyers. They will have non-collegiate categories as well.

2. The WCCC has put together a beginners cycling development series for this collegiate season. Posted below is a flyer with more information. Get Stoked!

3. & last but not least… Mark your calendars this February 21st and 22nd, UCSC’s very own Slugapalooza Road Race is back in 2015! We will be racing several grueling laps around our scenic campus on Saturday and hosting the blazing fast Salinas Criterium on Sunday. Both are great venues for spectating and we will be hosting open categories!
Check out our road race page link on the website:

If you have any questions, or may want to volunteer, please contact Reggie, the race director –

That’s all for now! Stay posted for updates in the near future.

UCSC Cycling Team Wins WCCC Overall MTB Team Omnium

WCCC Champs, hosted by UC Berkley at Boggs Mountain State Forest, marked the end of a glorious season of unparalleled victory for our mighty Slugs.

The weekend started off with XC in the morning, which was a four-mile loop that consisted of a range of wild single-track and long fire roads. Although a majority of the racers were thoroughly confused by the poorly marked XC course, our Slugs still managed to still pull multiple solid finishes. For Men’s A’s Reggie pulled in for second, followed by Mark T in fourth and Sam in fifth. In Men’s B’s Walker rolled to third and Malcolm to fifth. In Men’s C’s Mark H brought home the win, followed by Owen in fifth, Tyler in seventh, and Alex in fifteenth. Zora rolled to a solid fifth for or Women’s A’s on her beautiful new cherry hardtail.

Later Saturday afternoon was the Super D, which stuck to a six minute single track descent with multiple, short climbs. Mark led our Men’s A’s with a third place finish, followed by Sam, Evan, Reggie, and Luke, while Zora raced to first in Women’s A’s. Matt took his first win of the season in Men’s B’s, followed by Michael. And in Men’s C’s Malcolm podiumed in at third, followed by Walker, Mark H, Tyler, Owen,  and Alex. Tired but brimming with pride, the slugs retired to the disco party for the night.

After a memorable night, our slugs rolled out of bed to greet their final day of racing, which started with Cross Country Eliminator. The track was a short, fast, pedally one upon which there was first an individual qualifying round and then a series of double elimination rounds seeded into brackets from individual qualifying times. For our Women’s A’s, Zora pedaled her ways to a brilliant second place finish. In Men’s A’s, after many unfortunate mechanicals, Reggie rolled to fourth, followed by Mark T and Sam. Malcolm won Men’s B’s, followed by Walker. Mark H finished third for Men’s C’s, followed by Owen.

Downhill, held on Jethro’s trail, was the final race of the season, and for many would determine individual omnium standings. It was the same three minute descent as last years race, held by yours truly. In Men’s A’s Savion slid into second, followed by Sam, Mark T, Omid, Evan, and Lucas. Zora blew away the field, taking first in Women’s A’s. Matt took first in B’s, followed by Michael. Malcolm took second in C’s, followed by Tyler, Walker, Mark H, Owen, and Alex.

UC Santa Cruz Cycling swept the competition in nearly every category this season, taking the Division 1 Overall Omnium with a total of 2359 points (exactly 564 points ahead of second place).

We had wins and podiums in every single Overall Individual Omnium category: in Men’s A’s, Mark T took third, Reggie took fourth, and Sam took fifth; in Women’s A’s, Zora took first; in Men’s B’s, Malcolm took first and Matt took second; in Women’s B’s, Hannah took third; and in C’s, Mark H took third.

We had wins and podiums in nearly every single Overall Endurance Omnium: in Men’s A’s, Reggie took first, Mark took second, and Sam took fifth; in Women’s A’s, Zora took sixth; in Men’s B’s Malcolm took second and Walker took fourth; in Women’s B’s, Hannah took second; in Men’s C’s, Mark H took third.

We had wins and podiums in nearly every single Overall Gravity Omnium Category: in Men’s A’s Savion took fourth; in Women’s A’s, Zora took second; in Men’s B’s, Matt took first; in Women’s B’s, Hannah took third; in Men’s C’s, Tyler took first and Malcolm took third.

Cheers to such a phenomenal mountain season! And here’s to our upcoming road season!

Keep shredding you mighty slugs.

Slug Cycling Rides to New Heights in WCCC Overall Team Omnium

This past weekend, UCSC Cycling headed north to race Auburn’s rocky trails in the mountain circuit hosted by UC Davis.

Short track was a fast and fun loop on the 90cc motocross track, filled with high berms, murky puddles, exposed rock, and hard packed dirt. Evan rolled to a solid fifth in C’s. While Walker pulled in to third, he was no match for Malcolm’s legs, which pulled him to the top step of the podium in B’s. Hannah raced to second and Amanda had a blast in her first race with us. Short track kings, Reggie and Mark, worked together to finish first and second place, and rounded out the race with a picture perfect finish rolling across the line while holding hands high in victory. The Badger would be proud.

The downhill course featured a wide variety of obstacles for riders, from gnarly rock gardens to short but abrupt climbs. Tyler, Malcolm, and Owen came out for Men C’s, with Tyler leading the group to third. Matt set the bar for the B’s group with second place, followed by Michael who ended up catching multiple riders in his run. Hannah finished second in B’s, while Zora raced to an outstanding first place in A’s for the women. In Men’s A’s, the Savionator and Evan battled there ways to fourth and fifth.

The next day started with XC at a different venue, on a brutal and rocky track that challenged the bikes and minds of all the racers. Owen completed a lap and led C’s to a top five, while Walker and Hannah led the pack to two first places, followed by Amanda and Malcolm with a blown tire. With Reggie out on injuring from the previous day’s downhill, it was up to Mark to lead A’s, but he suffered a high speed crash, a double flat, and a smashed rim and was ultimately taken out of the running. Our team president was fine for the most part after completing the grueling walk back to the race tent.

The final race, Super D, was a fast and fun race with a steep and technical descent followed by  one of the steepest climbs the field has yet seen. Owen finished fourth for C’s, and Hannah yet again reached the top step and destroyed the women’s B’s field aboard her beautiful slope style bike. Matt led the B’s field to second. The climb suited Mark quite well, who led our slugs to second in A’s, followed by Evan and Savion in fourth and sixth (although Savion’s time clearly puts him into fifth).

Thanks to all who hosted us this weekend! Our efforts put us in an outstanding lead in the overall omnium.

Stay tuned for a recap from UC Berkeley’s WCCC Championships at Boggs.


Mountain Slugs further lead in WCCC Overall Team Omnium

Last weekend, UCSC Shredders wrapped up an epic weekend of wet and muddy racing at Cal Poly’s race weekend hosted in Los Olivos.

The cross country course featured grueling 9 mile laps with tires and drivetrains succumbing to the fresh mud all throughout the course. Alex Martin-Ginnold, Tyler Paladino and Walker Busby all completed a lap in Men’s C. Freshman Malcom Flint took 3rd in Men’s B. Sam Anderson-Moxley finished 4th in the Men’s A race, while Mark Tingwald clinched the win over Reggie Trimingham (3rd) in a tight battle to the finish.

Dual Slalom took place with interspersed bits of rain and shine, on another very muddy track. Malcom Flint raced C’s. Michael Guzzardi and Matthew Wilbur contested the Men’s B but neither could best Evan Peterson who took the top spot on the podium. Anderson-Moxley, Trimingham and Tingwald accrued precious omnium points in Men’s A. Zora Thomas festively “sleep-rode” her way to 2nd place in Women’s A.

With an hour of sleep gain from the time change, Slugs took to the fast and flat Short Track course bright and early for a second day of racing in dryer conditions. Busby and Flint battled against shady tactics by other racers in the Men’s B field. Out of a four man selection in road racing fashion, Tingwald and Trimingham took 2nd and 3rd in Men’s A with Anderson-Moxley close in tow.

Good weather prevailed during practice runs of the very short downhill course, with most riders doing 2 runs and taking the sum of both times. Paladino and Guzzardi had solid runs in Men’s C and B, but their hats went off to Wilbur who secured a 2nd place finish. Thomas took her second silver of the weekend in Women’s A, this time dressed in normal attire. Tingwald, Anderson-Moxley, Trimingham and Peterson all had close times in Men’s A, but Savion Ragster took the podium spot with a clutch 2nd place to round out the weekend.

The UC Santa Cruz Slugs now hold a comfortable lead ahead of Cal Poly SLO and UC Berkeley in the team overall omnium with only two race weekends remaining.

Stay posted for next weekend’s recap from the UC Davis race in Auburn!

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